Oct 29, 2010


So, a normal train ride back home. Happy about the weekend. Exhausted from a killer gym class(again). I decided to check out my BYU page, like I've done every two seconds for the past few months. Little did I know that this time, when I opened the page it would be a tad different than ever before. Why? Well, folks. Here's the deal.. I'M GOING TO BYU!!!!!
My heart and soul is filled with pure gratitude, and I feel like I could burst into tears of happiness again and again. I am SO happy. Every single thing I've had to do to accomplish this has such a big meaning now. I can't believe it!!
(and let me tell you, that was the longest train ride ever...I mean, how can you sit quietly for 20 minutes after hearing something like that?)

Wow. Ok, now i can go and celebrate anton's birthday...dinner and a movie, here we come!

Oct 23, 2010


i've been wondering why some people are trusted with such big things to go through. i mean, i know that we don't get more than we are able to handle. i have always tried to look at them as blessings - that's how we're shaped into diamonds. that's how we grow and learn to love others. but still, why is it that some people just seem to have everything on their plates at once, when some people don't really even know what it feels like to worry about something big. it all has a purpose, but our visions are so limited.

the other thing i've been wondering this week is mothers' love towards their children. where i work, we get a lot of little kids as customers; last night a mother and her two daughters came in and bought some stickers. i was so impressed in the way the kids respected their mama, and vice versa. oftentimes you see parents who are grumpy towards their kids, but this mother was glowing with love and tenderness. the way she spake to her kids was amazing. seeing them was inspiring - there's something so beautiful in a mother who has clearly gotten the idea of motherhood. i'm lucky to have a mother who has done that.

today ruska and i went to tallinn for the day. we finally got pedicures (it was about time to do something to these feet, seriously.... walking 60km per day in new york for a week didn't treat 'em that well), shopped a little bit and just talkedtalkedtalked. i loved it, i needed it! now i need some sleep. 3 hours of it apparently isn't quite enough...... öitä!

Oct 19, 2010

i hope you like pain!

there's this creepy man (anu and anne, you guys know who i'm talking about! the one who stands outside our store for hours) i see in helsinki every day, in the most random places possible. every day, i'm serious. and frankly, it's freaking me out! it's been going on for a few years now, and i am pretty convinced that he is a. stalking me (since my life is sooooo interesting), b. planning on killing me (since i've done so much harm to him) or c. my future husband (i highly doubt this one).
creepy man, if you're reading this, please stop stalking me/planning my murder! thank you.

today was: getting my wisdom tooth pulled out in the morning, loved it...noooot! also, house in provo: check. now i should just find out which school i'm going to attend...... interesting, yeeees!
this made me laugh (along with my half-numb face):

Oct 17, 2010

the day we wore black

what a weekend. the funeral was beautiful. peaceful. (not to mention frigging freezing!!)
i have felt the kind of empathy and love i didn't even know excisted - the kind that exhausts you just because it's so powerful. the kind that makes you cry over and over again when you think about what the other person is feeling. i wish i could've stayed in kuopio with poor grandpa. i.love.him.so.much. things will get easier for him, right?

Oct 15, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

the day when the first snow came down.
the day when petteri and i ate a whole pack of ben&jerry's (ok, he got 1/3 of it, i 2/3.....).
the day when i wanted to give up.
the day when i finally finished my application (i wish i will never ever have to face this kind of bureaucracy again..until i apply for my student visa).
the day when i walked like a duck, thanks for that gym class two days ago. hahaa
the day when i listened to this while walking in downtown helsinki and felt so good:

Oct 13, 2010

i ♥ you, craigslist

one-way ticket: check.
(i've bought MANY tickets in my life. but never ever have they been only one-way. scary.)

tonight i took the night bus home and was literally praying through the whole ride; the driver was most likely drunk. at least he smelled very strongly like alcohol, didn't know how to count my money and ran a red light. to name a few things.

now i'm home safe, it's 2:30am and my muscles are SO sore after hitting a gym class with a killer routine. i can only imagine what tomorrow will be like...... yay. now some sleeeeeeeeep.

bonne nuit!

Oct 12, 2010

random fact:

i feel like eating sushi. the end.

Oct 10, 2010


this week has been great!
work, henna in helsinki, sleeping back-to-back (the traditional thing to do! we've been sleeping like that since we were 10), talking on my carpet for 5 hours straight, late nights, early mornings, sami's birthday, wall street the movie, movie night with ruska, crafting an epic card for sami, the wedding singer (pure love!!), apartment hunting, payday, galna dagar, new pants & sneakers, HAI!, gym, cold mornings, abba-karaoke, sauna, feeding apples to horses, tons of fruit salad, dancing, finglish (speaking finnish with english grammar. i'm sadly pretty great at it without even trying..), the official coke competition, the most vivid dreams ever, autumn colors in finland, a peaceful sunday with dad, sunday nap (and the vivid dreams continued.. this time i had moved to salt lake with dad and i was riding around with a red scooter. salt lake looked like time's square.), and lots of this song:

Oct 2, 2010


she passed away last night. i'll miss her terribly.
she was taking care of me first, later on i got to take care of her, for at least a little bit. the beauty of life. now it's time to move on. our family has been through quite a lot this week.

0700 kuusi puusi viisi piisi kaksi paksi kasi pasi kasi pasi kolme polme ja nelkku kelkku