Oct 19, 2010

i hope you like pain!

there's this creepy man (anu and anne, you guys know who i'm talking about! the one who stands outside our store for hours) i see in helsinki every day, in the most random places possible. every day, i'm serious. and frankly, it's freaking me out! it's been going on for a few years now, and i am pretty convinced that he is a. stalking me (since my life is sooooo interesting), b. planning on killing me (since i've done so much harm to him) or c. my future husband (i highly doubt this one).
creepy man, if you're reading this, please stop stalking me/planning my murder! thank you.

today was: getting my wisdom tooth pulled out in the morning, loved it...noooot! also, house in provo: check. now i should just find out which school i'm going to attend...... interesting, yeeees!
this made me laugh (along with my half-numb face):

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