Jan 30, 2011

good things are awesome

this weekend; midnight ice-skating, origamis, park city.
i love life.

Jan 17, 2011

right, RIGHT?!

i have loved today. it started out with a roommate meeting (aka hanging out in the kitchen and talking about random things for an hour), continued with church, then tacos with roommates jillian, stephie and melissa. the rest of the night was full of random people, my lovely roommates, mafia, lost, hiding from the coldness under my blanket, hot chocolate and a random night drive with alex (we saw SO MANY deers, i was SO freaked out!!) during which i got pulled over by a cop (my car insurance company hadn't registered my insurance with my plates, so no tickets.... ha haa).
i love days like these, when you don't have to stress out about anything, and you can just laugh and be happy. tomorrow.... back to reality. i'm so not going to set an alarm, but i do need to finish a few papers for school. oh the joy!

Jan 16, 2011


it feels weird to start writing this, since i just don't know where to begin, it's been too long. i should be sleeping right now.

i am so blessed. i still can't believe this all is happening, and i can't believe how well it has started out. i can't believe that i have so many good friends around me and that i get to know new amazing people every single day. i can't believe that i can finally say that i love school. i can't believe that i've gotten myself to the point where i am right now. i couldn't have done it alone.

i was talking with a friend today how i'm so lucky that i found my place when i was only 14 years old, a dream that i could start reaching. before i came here, i didn't have a doubt in my mind about me liking utah. i already loved it. now i love it even more. it's kind of weird to think about my life in finland - even though i was so happy there, it never felt as natural as utah does. it feels like i would've lived here for years now.

these weeks have been good! even though my start has been kinda rough in a way; i've gone to the student health center like everyday these past few weeks; i had respiratory infection, and i also slipped on campus three weeks ago and got the biggest bruise & bump ever on my knee (in the picture it's only like 2 days old - since then, the bruise has spread down to my ankle and around my calf, yes, it's very painful.....), i've enjoyed going to school and trying to figure out how everything works out. due to my knee i had to drop my water aerobics class, which i'm SO bummed about! hahahah, you may laugh now, i'm 70 years old.....

classes are great, especially my swedish class is so much fun! we've got a great group that i enjoy a lot. my roommates are awesome, as is also my ward. they all make me feel like home here. i've been doing tons of things, this weekend is also way packed (man, i'm so happy about our 3 day weekend - monday is martin luther king's day!!!), which is nice. last night i went to the cheesecake factory with jackie, and i swear, i've never eaten that much food at once. gosh, i'm still full. goodgooood stuff.

mmhhmm. i guess i just wanted to let you guys know that all is well. i will be back hopefully soon (and i should start taking some pictures......)! pussss!

Jan 4, 2011

kaikki on mennyt niin hyvin. oon niin onnellinen, että oon täällä.
classes start tomorrow, i'm excited! on niin kiva vihdoin aloittaa jotain, mihin on valmistautunut niin pitkän aikaa! unelmakoulu.

toivoisin niin kovasti, että voisin jakaa teille kaikille sen näyn mitä näen joka päivä. the mountains are SO pretty, and i can't believe i see them everytime i just look out my own window. joka kerta kun katselen niitä, tuntuu että henki salpaantuu ja en vaan voi uskoa, että asun tässä paikassa. jokaisen pitäisi kerran elämässään kokea ainakin noiden vuorien tuoma turvallisuus! pari päivää sitten ajoin provosta salt lake cityyn auringon laskiessa, ja vuoret muuttuivat vaaleanpunaisiksi - se näky oli jotain ihan uskomatonta. kyyneleitä ja onnellisuuden kylmiä väreitä.

kaikki on niin hyvin. oon niin onnellinen, että oon täällä, vaikka alku onkin vähän pelottavaa. so far so good! 2011 on alkanut hyvin.