May 21, 2013

about my adorable husband part 2

last summer i wrote about thomas' mustache he had for a few dreadful minutes in finland. well, today i am here to write about thomas' crazy beard+mustache. it all started a few months ago. now that thomas is all graduated from byu and works from home, he has had these times when he doesn't shave for a few weeks. well, this time around i thought it was the same thing. so when it got to this point, i was still convinced that the beard would be gone in a week or two. 
well, quite a few weeks flew by...and somehow i just let it slide....and on mother's day, we decided to document the beard again (don't forget to notice the curling mustache.....). 
and it still keeps on growing. i don't know for how long. let's just say that this pregnancy has made me go soft with things like making sure my husband shaves weekly. (though he is dang handsome no matter what <3) i love him! 

May 15, 2013

time consumers...lately

can i just say how much i enjoy not having classes at the moment? i have all this extra time on my hands, during which i can do whatever i want! i haven't had that feeling for such a long time (read: whenever there's school going on). usually, this is how i spend my nights: 

thank goodness for crafts.

May 13, 2013

hey mommas!

days like mother's day make me really, really homesick. i start thinking about how far away my own mother is, and how far away she will be for who knows long. how i really am not able to just drive over to her place and say hi, or how it's been almost a year since we've hugged (and since i've gotten to eat food made by her). i have been blessed with a mother that has always made sure that we, her children, know that we are loved unconditionally, and she has always encouraged us to pursue our dreams and goals (no matter if it has sent us to the other side of the world). i am forever grateful for her of that, and the strength and courage she has taught to us. 
i am also so very blessed to have the most wonderful mother-in-law that anyone could ever ask for. she has raised the most loving, caring, and amazing man that i have ever met, and i am forever thankful to her for that. she always makes me smile with her sweet and caring texts during the day, and i look up to her  ability to love those that surround her with a heartfelt love -- and oh, how blessed we are that she extends that love to us every single day! thank you, lisa. i really could not have lucked out more. 
this mother's day has felt really special compared to those from earlier years. this year, i have a 34-week-old baby in my belly. i am an almost-mama to this precious little girl, and it brings me such joy. it truly is such a privilege to be able to carry this baby in my tummy, and to offer her a place in our little home. to be her eternal family. i can't think of a blessing bigger than the knowledge of eternal families, and how we will always be able to be with those that we love the most. 

i guess what i am trying to say with all of this... happy mother's day to all mothers & mothers to be out there