Sep 25, 2012

oui oui pariiis - the trip that didn't go as planned in any way

oh boy, this will come like a month and a half late. but i still want to post it, since i already had it in my drafts, and well, i want to remember what was up.
well, on to our other vacation (on our vacation like my dear father-in-law would say)! since thomas served his mission in paris, it was kind of a given that we should go to paris on this trip. well, thomas had planned a wonderful road trip for us, and that plan included renting a car and driving to various cities along northern france. as it turned out, renting a car in europe - not an easy deal. so we ended up staying in paris for the whole time. in our nasty hostel, four nights in four different rooms. oh man! on the last night we had the wonderful (noooot) experience with bed bugs. i do not recommend trying that out. i still have nightmares of those. 

we had such a fun time with ruska and aki - they truly were our partners in crime! we spent such a joyous day in disneyland, filled with laughter and happiness - not to mention the awesome minnie mouse ears we got me (i still wanna just wear them each and every day). every day after disneyland seems like such a boring day. 

ruska almost got robbed in the metro, and the sketchy civil cops dragged them to the nearest police station to fill out some forms. we waited in line to go to the catacombs for three hours, and ended up being one of the last people who weren't let in. oh, but these things truly didn't stop us. we still had a blast, and i'd go back in a heartbeat. 

paris, the city of love! and randomness! we loved it.

Sep 19, 2012

life lately

can i just start by telling how awesome it is to be married to my husband? how he is the best friend and husband that anyone could ever find? i am so blessed! 

so, we've had quite a few little happenings lately. we moved into our new house (pictures coming up soon), started school (thomas' last semester wahooooo!), celebrated my birthday by going to the utah state fair (thomas also brought me breakfast to bed & made a surprise candle lit dinner on our porch!), and last friday we went camping to squaw peak! we had such a fun time making mac&cheese on our little camping stove, watching the sunset, cuddling up in our sleepingbag, and watching batman begins. i also took about a million pictures for an assignment for my photography class. i will share some of those here now! 

life is so good. i love it, and i feel like it loves me back. 

Sep 13, 2012


i saw my dear, dear friend elena yesterday, and she reminded me of the importance of writing this thing even after the trip. i have truly been thinking about it - the problem has been that ideally a day would have at least 30 hours in it for me to get everything done! but now i am going to get better, and start posting again - probably more in pictures than in words. but i guess that's how it's always been. 

life is so good. school and work are keeping us busy, but we are loving the fact that thomas doesn't have to work during evenings anymore: it just means more time we get to spend together! we have enjoyed our new house thoroughly, and it is finally in the point where it doesn't feel like house, but like a home. it is so so nice to finally have a living room! and a bedroom! and a guestroom (not to mention big closets, a bed, and a couch)! after a year of a small studio, you start appreciating these little things in life a bit more :D 

i will be back soon with some pictures!