Aug 27, 2012

back in utah

hey guys!
we are back in utah, and just got our last box we are officially moved in. and now trying to get the internet to our new, gorgeous home.
i will be back soon!

Aug 17, 2012

bits & pieces of berlin

oh, i don't know where to start - it's been too long since i blogged last!  ever since then, we have gone to two different countries, and now we are preparing to go back to utah next tuesday. but first things first - berlin!

so, our anniversary and thomas' birthday was on the 5th of august, and as a surprise i flew us out to berlin! i had planned this trip about 6 months ago, and it took every bit of me to keep it as a secret from thomas. finally, the day before i revealed to thomas that we will be going somewhere the next day. i had packed our bags, and just told him to bring his hand luggage along. we woke up at 4am, and drove to the airport, and after our security check thomas finally started guessing where we were going! needless to say, i was pretty proud of my secret keeping skills at that point ;)

we spent four perfect days in berlin, just walking around and eating great brunches and lunches. our anniversary/thomas' birthday was just perfect - thomas got me the most gorgeous infinity bracelet, we went to get dinner at an indian restaurant in prentzlauer berg, and got some birthday cake at anna blume. and we enjoyed our time to the fullest.