Mar 22, 2012

finland food!

so lately i have been a bit homesick. and mostly i can notice it during the nights when my dreams are basically about me being in a finnish grocery store for hours. i always buy at least one thing: the 'minttupuffetti': the most delicious mint ice cream sandwhich in the world. above are also some other things that are in my daydreams... ah. i seriously cannot wait.

Mar 21, 2012

2012 - back on it!

it's time to come back. i have wanted to do this for a long time now, but for some reason have put it off again and again. and these are really the times i will want to remember forever and ever. and man, it feels good to open up this page and write again.

such many things have changed; i now am a wife to the most wonderful person i have ever known. i am a mrs. how weird is that! i get to spend my evenings, nights, and mornings with my best friend. i switched my major into photography after realizing the communications wasn't my thing. and i couldn't be happier. visual arts is totally my thing, which i knew right from the start but tried to deny it for years and years. we are going to finland this summer for almost three months. and i also have baby fever......ok, too much information? i thought so.

life is wonderful. i have never been happier. and whenever i look over from our couch towards the kitchen table and see the hubs doing his homework looking all concentrated, i just think to myself what a darn lucky girl i am.

so, i am back. because i want us to remember those little moments that we have together, the happy things that keeps us together and brings us closer and closer every single day.