Oct 15, 2012

a few fall frames

the coolest kids on the block

...that's naturally referring to us. and why, some might ask. well, because we have an indoor s'mores campfire!!! 
we went a wee bit crazy when thomas' family was visiting, and could not resist this little miracle when it presented itself to us at sam's club. we have already camped out on our living room floor twice, and i must say... best.thing.ever.

Oct 4, 2012


thomas' family is coming to visit us for a week today! and i am SOOOOOOO excited! in fact, so excited that i decided to be a good housewife today, and baked a pumpkin spice cake (recipe found here). our house smells uh-ma-zing, and now we just have to wait for a few more hours until we get to see lisa, tom, and nick! i hope this week will never end!