Sep 19, 2012

life lately

can i just start by telling how awesome it is to be married to my husband? how he is the best friend and husband that anyone could ever find? i am so blessed! 

so, we've had quite a few little happenings lately. we moved into our new house (pictures coming up soon), started school (thomas' last semester wahooooo!), celebrated my birthday by going to the utah state fair (thomas also brought me breakfast to bed & made a surprise candle lit dinner on our porch!), and last friday we went camping to squaw peak! we had such a fun time making mac&cheese on our little camping stove, watching the sunset, cuddling up in our sleepingbag, and watching batman begins. i also took about a million pictures for an assignment for my photography class. i will share some of those here now! 

life is so good. i love it, and i feel like it loves me back.