May 21, 2013

about my adorable husband part 2

last summer i wrote about thomas' mustache he had for a few dreadful minutes in finland. well, today i am here to write about thomas' crazy beard+mustache. it all started a few months ago. now that thomas is all graduated from byu and works from home, he has had these times when he doesn't shave for a few weeks. well, this time around i thought it was the same thing. so when it got to this point, i was still convinced that the beard would be gone in a week or two. 
well, quite a few weeks flew by...and somehow i just let it slide....and on mother's day, we decided to document the beard again (don't forget to notice the curling mustache.....). 
and it still keeps on growing. i don't know for how long. let's just say that this pregnancy has made me go soft with things like making sure my husband shaves weekly. (though he is dang handsome no matter what <3) i love him! 

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