Jan 17, 2011

right, RIGHT?!

i have loved today. it started out with a roommate meeting (aka hanging out in the kitchen and talking about random things for an hour), continued with church, then tacos with roommates jillian, stephie and melissa. the rest of the night was full of random people, my lovely roommates, mafia, lost, hiding from the coldness under my blanket, hot chocolate and a random night drive with alex (we saw SO MANY deers, i was SO freaked out!!) during which i got pulled over by a cop (my car insurance company hadn't registered my insurance with my plates, so no tickets.... ha haa).
i love days like these, when you don't have to stress out about anything, and you can just laugh and be happy. tomorrow.... back to reality. i'm so not going to set an alarm, but i do need to finish a few papers for school. oh the joy!

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