Oct 23, 2010


i've been wondering why some people are trusted with such big things to go through. i mean, i know that we don't get more than we are able to handle. i have always tried to look at them as blessings - that's how we're shaped into diamonds. that's how we grow and learn to love others. but still, why is it that some people just seem to have everything on their plates at once, when some people don't really even know what it feels like to worry about something big. it all has a purpose, but our visions are so limited.

the other thing i've been wondering this week is mothers' love towards their children. where i work, we get a lot of little kids as customers; last night a mother and her two daughters came in and bought some stickers. i was so impressed in the way the kids respected their mama, and vice versa. oftentimes you see parents who are grumpy towards their kids, but this mother was glowing with love and tenderness. the way she spake to her kids was amazing. seeing them was inspiring - there's something so beautiful in a mother who has clearly gotten the idea of motherhood. i'm lucky to have a mother who has done that.

today ruska and i went to tallinn for the day. we finally got pedicures (it was about time to do something to these feet, seriously.... walking 60km per day in new york for a week didn't treat 'em that well), shopped a little bit and just talkedtalkedtalked. i loved it, i needed it! now i need some sleep. 3 hours of it apparently isn't quite enough...... öitä!

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  1. Amen to that sister!
    I feel like I've gotten so much worrying already during my short lifetime, that I keep hoping and wishing my future will be less worrysome...