Oct 10, 2010


this week has been great!
work, henna in helsinki, sleeping back-to-back (the traditional thing to do! we've been sleeping like that since we were 10), talking on my carpet for 5 hours straight, late nights, early mornings, sami's birthday, wall street the movie, movie night with ruska, crafting an epic card for sami, the wedding singer (pure love!!), apartment hunting, payday, galna dagar, new pants & sneakers, HAI!, gym, cold mornings, abba-karaoke, sauna, feeding apples to horses, tons of fruit salad, dancing, finglish (speaking finnish with english grammar. i'm sadly pretty great at it without even trying..), the official coke competition, the most vivid dreams ever, autumn colors in finland, a peaceful sunday with dad, sunday nap (and the vivid dreams continued.. this time i had moved to salt lake with dad and i was riding around with a red scooter. salt lake looked like time's square.), and lots of this song:

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