Dec 5, 2010

random text at 2:40am.

what a day:

-woke up automatically at 6:30am with the "dang i have to go to work soon"-feeling, even though it was my first day off in a while. working too much, maybe??
-christmas shopping (got lost to the h&m and zara's men's sections again.....oops)
-finding out that i am going to be an aunt next summer*!!!!!!!
-independence day ball, i was dj'ing and dancing at the same time. fuuuuun!
-our great attempt to go out to tavastian lauantaidisko after the dance..... we ended up at mcdonald's, eating chicken nuggets. grrreeeeattt successss!

*leaving feels weird. weird is the perfect word for it. it's not that scary or sad, it's just weird. it's weird that people here are going to stay here, their lives will go on, the only thing that will change is that they won't see me that often. it's weird that my life will change so much at once, but no one from here will be seeing it. it's weird that i'm going to be missing out on such big things, like henna's wedding or my brother's kid's birth. i want to be the best auntie laura in the world for that kid! i don't want to be a strange random lady from the other side of the world who happens to call her brother every once in a while.
but of course i know that this all has to happen, because, well. life happens. and i'm so happy. i'm happy for manu and his girlfriend, i'm happy for henna and antti, i'm happy for every happy thing that anyone i love will experience. at the same time, i'm happy for me, too. i've got all i could ever ask for, and more.

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