Dec 2, 2010

happy, haaaappy laura!

it's 10:45! i'm going to bed! and i've done the same thing every night this week - woooot! i've noticed that after sleeping well and enough, i'm much more creative and spiritual, i dance at work and i sing and laugh twice as much as usual. and i listen to barry white. now that i think about it, maybe i should go back to sleeping 5 hours per night...........

or maybe it's the christmas spirit that makes me so happy. or the fact that i've got 25 mornings until i start my biggest adventure thus far. (or that drunk whose pants i saw fall down today.....nope, cannot be that one)

bonne nuit!


  1. :-----------D hahahah toi loppu, geez. noi hetket on erityisiä. ei oo edes kauaa kun itse todistin samaa näkyä.

  2. siis ne on niin special, ja ehkä surullisinta on, että tällä hetkellä i treasure those moments niin paljon, koska, no, SUOMI :----D suomi on ihana!