Dec 7, 2010

oi maamme suomi

today, i've been happy to be a finn because:
-we've had an extra day off due to our independence day! happy birthday finland, i love you
-i've gotten to eat fazer's blue chocolate with gingerbread and drink glögi all day long
-the view outside is b e a u t i f u l.
-traditionally we gathered up with some friends to watch the president's independence day party (=judge the women's dresses) and not-so-traditionally we made sushi (and guys made pizza)!
-my car got stuck in the snow... ok i'm not so happy about this. why do we have to get so much snow that my car isn't able to handle it?!?! :((( it was definitely interesting to dig the car out with kukka and her dad....legendary.
-i've got the best friends around me.

i'm very grateful that i have gotten to grow up in this country. it's given me so much. utah has some big boots to fill ;) but i already know that it'll do a great job.

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