Nov 23, 2010

"If, for example, you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy."

last night i was laying on henna's couch. 2:32am. i was looking out the window, listening to henna and antti breath while sleeping. the sky looked orange, some snowflakes fell down from the sky. what a perfect last sight of kuopio, i thought. what a perfect last feeling. feeling of love, friendship, trust, happiness. feeling of sad goodbyes, hope of happy reunions. i was thinking about the best moments i had had in that city during these years, my dear hometown. i realised that almost all of those moments i had spent with the people i spent the weekend with. i love you guys, so so much. you know who you are.

this weekend was all about wedding planning, tears, hugs, bets, engagement pictures, traditions, sleeping back-to-back with henna (of course!), playing crazy alias, cooking tortillas and fajitas, reading the little prince (that's a link), girls' night, my home ward, hatsalankatu, siilinjärvi. i saw my best friend try on wedding dresses, which we've been waiting for since we were little girls. i couldn't resist walking on memory lane a few times, just wondering how much we've grown up. two of us girls are getting married in the beginning of 2011. mari is almost done with school, she's so hardworking, i admire that so much! i am moving to utah in 34 mornings. we all are going to do such big things with our lives.

this morning, at 8:24am i told kuopio goodbye as we took the exit towards helsinki. i'm a girl with many homes.

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