Nov 16, 2010

laskee uudelleen.........

randomness: i just booked my visa interview. for tomorrow morning, which is in about 10 hours. to make things even better, i've lost my voice, hence i sound like a tiny dinosaur (ok who am i kidding - my boss kept telling me how i sounded like him when he was 13..............). hahah, i'm so looking forward to this! it'll be interesting.

how did i get to this point? well. being sick and going to sweden isn't apparently the best match. but stockholm was great, once again. i had the best time with the best people - old and new. aki's swedish never let us down and stockholm's traffic was horrible (loved getting lost... i mean.. sightseeing tour on sunday). on our way back home we ate a big bag of chocolate and i got bruises in my wrists. i had also missed stockholm's temple, it felt like home.
i loved every second of it. this was a great last trip (in a while) to stockholm.
and of course.... buahah:

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