Nov 24, 2010

my sad life part 904850439583

today, it happened again...something that shouldn't happen. i was waiting for the tram in front of stockmanns, and since we've got this nice snow storm in helsinki, i decided to go in for a few minutes. i opened the door, and realized i was in the middle of men's cologne section....which doesn't ever mean anything good, unless if i am actually buying something for someone. suddenly a few minutes turned into...well, a much longer time. like always, some employee came to ask me if i needed help, and as always i thought of what to say to them; "no thank you, i just love sniffing these colognes for an hour at a time", "no thank you, i'm looking for a cologne for my imaginary boyfriend" or simply just "no thank you". i ended up saying "no thanks, i'm just looking around".
i've noticed that i get into the same situation whenever i wander through zara's and h&m's men's section. is it sad that i like to look at men's clothes more than women's? yeah, i thought so. someday someone will be so lucky to have me buy him clothes and colognes instead of myself, ha!

oh, happy thanksgiving you all :) remember to be thankful, especially for the people around you!


  1.'re not alone, and you know it.
    olit hyvää ostosseuraa sillä oudolla kierroksella kun me katseltiin vaan miesten ja vauvojen vaatteita.
    kohta vajoat niin alas kuin mä ja hortoilet polarn o pyretissä masua silitellen. hups...

  2. ummm.....i'm right here!!!!

    remember...i don't have the privilege everyday of being able to walk in and out of h&m and zara as i, we did some shopping at urban and a.a!! hahhHHH