Jul 10, 2012

tallinn & other things

hey there, and greetings from estonia! we went to tallinn for a daytrip yesterday, and oh how nice and refreshing it was! we walked around a whole lot, shopped some, and ate some deliciousness at vapiano. it was super nice, and i love traveling with thomas - he's the best travel buddy ever! good thing, since we are going to be visiting four countries this month...sweden, russia, and france, get ready! we are stoked. 
other than traveling, we have been having fun with our friends. i have missed them so, so, so, SO much, and words can't even describe how good it feels to have those people around me again. all of them just mean the world to me. ruska and aki got us addicted to this board game called 7 wonders, and we've been playing that just about every night, accompanied with a little dip in the nearby lake and sauna. this is truly what the finnish summer is made of, and i am so happy we get to be here experiencing it right now. 
today we got to finally hang out with kirsi, which was the best. i just love her so much! we also went to see aaro-the-dear-nephew, and he is walking like a champ now! i'm one proud auntie right now! tomorrow i will have a sleepover at kukka's place, which will also be the first night i've spent apart from thomas ever since we got married....gulp. maybe we'll survive ;) 

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