Jul 3, 2012


first of all: it's time to share my photography website over here as well. it's under this link. it's fun to finally have it done and ready to go :)

oh, where to start! since the last time i blogged (was it like two days ago??), we have just been chilling, and enjoying occasional walks outside. we finally got some nice weather out here, let's hope it'll last! today we had a special treat as we got to go to espoo and babysit aaro, my sweet, cute, adorable - insert a million mushy words here - nephew. it was so nice to spend the day with him and my brother and his fiancé - they are such a sweet little family, and they have done an amazing job with aaro. it amazes me every time we see him. he is a sweet little fellow, and i'm glad we've gotten to know him during this visit. he was really excited about playing with thomas' hat - it seemed like he could've gone on with that game for hours. during the time we spent with him, i truly started to appreciate parents and what they do more and more. it's amazing how two people can create a little human being like that, so very mind boggling as well. 

manu also made us some delicious kung po tofu, and after that we drove back home. i took a nap (i'm such a baby these days), and we went to get some cheapo kebab pizza and CANDY! ah, have i told lately how much i love love LOOVE finnish candy?! we also went running, which i haven't done in a while since i hurt my foot at the beach. we ran for about 2k, and it was so much fun! (still can't believe i'm saying this.....) 

i just love it here. now it's bedtime for us. tomorrow we'll have some new adventures, stay tuned!

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