Jul 18, 2012


hello again, this time from stockholm! we arrived here yesterday, and had a sweet, wonderful reunion with our dear mari - she is such a sweetheart for letting us stay with her in her BEAUTIFUL (seriously, so beautiful) apartment. our boat trip went great, and we had a fun time, though i got sick on our way here. so, now i am one ill girl, with a high fever, a runny nose and a sore throat, and my energy levels are nowhere to be found. it might also be because we walked around stockholm today for about 60 kilometers, and decided that the theme for our day here was "walking around in big circles" - because that is exactly what we did. 

now it's time to just relax and gather up some energy for our trip to jönköping tomorrow - we are driving down there to see thomas' mission buddy niklas! super excited for their reunion :) 
let's hope these painkillers get this fever to go away (and stay away).

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  1. Love the pictures! Sure hope you feel better quickly so that you can enjoy! love you two, Lisa