Jul 22, 2012

jönköping & cupcakes

here we are, back in good old finland. above are a few pictures of a sweet reunion of two good buddies, and a few new additions. niklas was thomas' swedish companion for quite some time in france while he was there on a mission - and ever since, niklas has gotten married to the beautiful sandra, and had a baby boy, lukas. they are having their second baby in august! how exciting! 
we had a lovely day with the salo family, and continued on back to stockholm in the evening. i made thomas drive our manual car, since i was half dead with this cold of mine. 

today we have been relaxing at home, watching chick flicks (yeah, since i'm sick, i get to decide on the movies ;)), and gone on a cupcake cup hunt - without any luck. i couldn't help but think how easy the hunt would have been in the us.. khrm. we came home and made cupcakes for aaros 1st birthday party, that will take place tomorrow. we have had an interesting time listening to our estonian neighbors partying all night long, and as i am writing this now - at 1am - they are fighting outside. and we're getting a bit scared. let's hope they end soon! 

hope you're having a great weekend!

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