Jul 26, 2012

st. petersburg

once again we are back from a lil trip - this time we went to st. petersburg! this trip was very exciting, since thomas had been dreaming for a long time to see this dear neighbor of ours. it made me really happy to see him so excited, and to be able to go with him to the places that he had studied about for years. he was the best tour guide we could have asked for. 
i got a russian nesting doll for our future house (i got one for you too, lisa!), and a street artist made me the cutest laura heart thomas necklace. the weather was raaaaainy, but it didn't stop us - and it was such a fun trip, especially since mom and dad were with us! 

it's good to be home now, though i am stressing my mind out about our fall housing situation. we went shoe shopping today, which was much harder than i thought it would be - but this time because i found too many pairs of shoes that i would have loved to add to my shoe collection.... maybe i'll post some pics of the ones i got tomorrow. 

now i have to go and get some sleep, and i must say that i'm so glad i get to sleep next to thomas tonight! those two nights on the boat were just torture :( good night!

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  1. Oh Laura, I love the pictures! Your parents look great, and that necklace is a real keepsake! Thank you so much for thinking of us and we can't wait to have our own Russian nesting dolls :) Thomas looks very happy - and you look gorgeous!