May 5, 2013


oh, gosh. it has been so long that i really don't know where to start anymore. our lives have changed drastically during these months, and i guess there's no better way to tell how than by showing a picture:
yep, that's our little precious girl's foot.....about 13 weeks ago at 20 weeks. we are welcoming our little (or not so little if she comes after her mother) package to this world in the end of june, and we couldn't be more excited. though i am one large mama by now, i still can't comprehend that there is a little girl with little feet and little fingers in my belly.

this is one of the reasons why i really want to start this whole blogging thing again. i feel like it keeps me alert in seeing those little moments that happen in our everyday lives, and also makes me take pictures more. with my major being photography, i oftentimes forget to take my camera out in our most basic family settings. i need to be better at it, and now is the time to begin. this is mostly for my family, near and far, and for myself, so that i can member these things even after years (it has been the best thing reading through my old blog posts from when i was moving to utah... what precious memories!).

so, in short....i'm back. and i'm really going to try to be better this time! wohoo!