Jul 14, 2012

progressive dinner

a few days ago thomas asked me if i wanted to go on a date this friday..well, after a little bit of thinking i answered yes ;) who wouldn't wanna go on a hot date with my husband on a friday night?! he was being very secretive what we were going to do, which got me excited - we haven't been on a planned date ever since we left utah (ok our utah dates were always the same thing: going to cafe rio, eating some sweet pork barbacoa salad, and going to the spoon it up next to it the get some frozen yoghurt...still :D). 
well, well, well! tonight was the big night! thomas told me that we were going to have a progressive dinner - a dinner where we get the appetizer from one place, main dish from another, and finally dessert from a third place. how exciting!! after a while we decided to go to cafĂ© engel for some feta spinach quiche (we were too hungry to remember to take a picture of the dish before we ate it). after that we walked over to morrissons to get one the best hamburgers we've ever eaten. oh, it was heavenly (and in the picture you can see thomas eating a hamburger with a fork and knive...finland has done its job on him ;)). though dessert is usually my favorite part of the meal, we didn't save enough room for that, so we went to stockmann's to get some truffels and walked through the esplanadi park and talked. it was super nice. and i'm so grateful that thomas went through the effort of planning our date out for us. i love that man with every single cell of my body (and man is it nice to be back home and get to sleep next to the hubs!). 

nice friday. maybe we will go and watch a movie now, and comfortably fall asleep on the couch. that sounds perfect right now.

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