Jun 3, 2012

new hobby!

so, i have always hated running with a passion. ironically, i married a man whose biggest passion is running. on our san antonio trip a few weeks ago we were writing down some goals that we will work on this summer, and in some mad state of mind i told him that we should train me to run a 5k. aaaand thursday night we finally took the big step of going and buying me new nikes (look how bright and minty they are!!!) and new running shorts (they are minty too!) - and i am not afraid to admit that they are my biggest motivation to keep on doing this. yesterday we started running. we went on smithfield's trail that is in the middle of a forest, and it really wasn't as bad as i imagined it would be. there is something calming about having husband right there next to me, cheering me on. and i am excited to share a hobby with him! i am hoping that by the end of this summer i will have as big of a passion to running as he does. what a patient man he is..... we'll see who breaks first ;)

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