Dec 9, 2010

all is full of love

tonight: i loved to see elena, to get lost while trying to find le bonk, i loved snowy helsinki, i loved all the pretty people at le bonk. i LOVED the tallest man on earth, i loved the fact that his support, idiot wind was a female copy of petteri. i loved the tears that ran down my cheeks when kristian matsson sang about being homesick. i loved to make an analysis of a guy who was standing next to me - people are so easy to read sometimes. i loved kebab after the gig - not to forget the man who made the kebab, his unibrow, "kun on väsynyt, suomi ei toimi", nrj's greatest hits on the radio and the men who came to the same place and talked about how they just got out of prison. i loved to take the night bus home with elena, and the driver who fell asleep. i loved to talk about awkward moments and utah. i loved tonight. kiitos elena, puss och kram (halaus, ei roska)!

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