Dec 17, 2010

11 mornings and things are changing

today she left. my faithful friend for almost two years. she traveled 54 000km with me, which is more than the earth's circumference. she listened to the same music as i did (such good taste she had!), she heard many many secrets and felt many tears falling down on her. she got stuck in the snow a few times, but never left me alone in the middle of nowhere. she got to know so many friends of mine, and got us to places like sweden, kuopio and turun saaristo. not to even mention the hot summer days when we drove to the beach three times a day. during those days she was way too hot to hang out with. she saw kisses, she saw hugs. too often people laughed at her and made fun of her, especially during the first year we had had each other. she was a little bit sick at first, until we took her to the doctor and she was fixed. to me, she was always the best car i could ask for.

i know, i shouldn't cry when i see my car drive away with its new owner, but i couldn't help it today. as they left, i had hundreds of memories flash in front of my eyes. piece by piece i'm losing aspects of my life in finland. luckily i know that i won't lose my family and friends. ever.

i don't really even know if she was a she or a he. we just called her traktori, peto or ferrari. but i hope her new owner will take good care of her (he probably thought i'm a crazy girl, because of all the stories i started to tell about my car before i gave him the keys.... trust me, no one wants to hear those)

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