Sep 30, 2010


so many feelings at once. we've got this 15-year-old girl helping us at work for two weeks, and she probably thinks that we (=kirsi and i) are crazy people. i don't blame her, though. i would too, if i would see two people getting teary eyed every 10 minutes.
this week has been insane because of so many things. i should drive back to kuopio tomorrow, but i don't know if i have the energy to do so. on the other hand, grandpa needs so much help right now. dad has been teaching him how to use an atm. how to do laundry. how to go grocery shopping. i can't understand how anyone can survive alone after 60 years of marriage? that's SUCH a long time to live with someone! i can't even imagine what it feels like when the other half is suddenly gone.
i want to go see mummi in the hospital, sit next to her bed and just talk to her. she has been unconscious since monday. paralyzed and brain dead, but her big heart is still beating. there has to be a reason for that. we just don't know it yet.

to make this entry a bit happier, here's a list of this weeks pros:
+i get to wear my winter jacket! i've never ever had one i would like this much!
+the best friends & family anyone could ask for
+my fisheye...i love it more and more every day!
+a nice letter from uvu
+florence and the machine - cosmic love
+gc starts on saturday!!

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