Aug 8, 2010


today i've learned a lot about where i come from through my dad's old journals. it's given me a lot of perspective and understanding. i'm lucky to have such great people around me, especially my family. we might not be perfect - not even close, but that makes us human and gives us the chance to progress.

we also had the biggest thunderstorm i've ever seen in my life. it reminded me of apocalypse now; the skies turned black in 10 minutes and the lightnings were HUGE, long and loud. it was good to sit downstairs with mama and count how far away the storm is. important moments.

now i have got to continue packing...and in 12 hours we'll be on a ship on our way to stockholm, sweden! this mini trip will be awesome! ruska, anne and i have a shopping ban since ruska and anne are broke and i should be flying to the us in a month. we'll see how that goes...wish us good luck! urban outfitters tends to be a bit tempting from time to time.......
NU KÖR VI! vad fint :)

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