Aug 22, 2010


i got these stars as a birthday present from jared a year ago (you try to take a good picture of tiny glowing stars in a pitch-black room....). at night i like to name them by the names of people around me - and think why those people deserve to get stars.

little did i know last night while i was naming a star that i would lose my voice today. i woke up and tried to answer my phone but all i could get out of my mouth was pathetic whispering (yes, i'll go see a doctor tomorrow...this flu is getting on my nerves!). now that i've spent the day quiet in my bed i've really gotten this urge to call every person i know and tell them why they are the stars in my roof. i will do it when i get my voice back..because i can. and people deserve to hear those things every once in a while.

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